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Aesthetic medicine

The aesthetic aspect of the appearance is affected by many factors such as age, diseases, individual predisposition or unfortunate accidents. Fortunately, Dr Sobczak’s Clinics offer a range of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine based on the experience and qualifications of our specialists and on state of the art methods. We help to restore beauty with long-lasting and natural results, offering single treatments and full packages tailored individually for you.


The best solutions are selected in the result of thorough dermatological and diagnostics and suited to the patient's preferences. Our goal is to achieve the final result which will meet or even exceed the expectations of the patient, while taking care of his health and ensuring friendly atmosphere.


We serve to improve the quality of life of our patients by eliminating mimic wrinkles, filling furrows and folds and correcting dark circles under the eyes. We enlarge, emphasize and moisturize lips, model facial contours and restore facial volume using volumetric techniques. We also perform mesotherapy, treat alopecia and hyperhidrosis.


We perform corrective plastic surgery of eyelids and protruding ears. We lift the face and improve its oval by using the highest quality PDO threads with polyidioxanone which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. We help to solve problems related to bruxism by using botulinum toxin (botox) which shrinks masseter muscles letting them relax; this in turn reduces the ailments and results in visual slimming of the face.



Services available in:


Babice Clinic


Radość Clinic


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