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CBCT Computed Tomography

We make digital pantomographic images and computed tomography. For your convenience, we also have X-ray machines in every dental office at our Clinic.


We offer 3D computer tomography which is an ultra-precise examination method allowing to obtain the highest quality three-dimensional image of the patient's tissues. We have a camera with many innovative functions, including an unusually short exposure time and automatic selection of its parameters. Thanks to high automation, the specialty doctor can fully focus on what is most important, i.e. the Patient, his comfort and feelings during the examination.


In each of Dr Sobczak’s Clinics, we can make X-ray images of teeth, temporomandibular joints or nose.


Reliable and comprehensive diagnostics provided with state of the art solutions is the basis of the Patient's treatment. By using a large imaging field, it is possible to perform just a single examination instead of several exposures with a variety of devices. There is no need for the patient to spend many hours in clinics or hospitals in order to obtain a meticulous assessment of his health status.


During the examination, the Patient receives a 10×10 cm 3D image. The examination allows to obtain any number of transversal bone cross-sections and display them in the desired order. It is a useful tool in pre-implantation diagnostics and in the simulation of implant placement. It provides an accurate radiographic image and enables to measure the thickness of bone tissue. This method allows us to be almost 100% confident about the course of the planned treatment.





Services available in:


Babice Clinic


Radość Clinic


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