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Dental prosthetics

Prosthetic treatment focuses on the full restoration of anatomical occlusion conditions in case of any missing teeth. In Dr Sobczak's Clinics, the prosthetics includes both permanent restorations including crowns based on implants, inlays, crowns and bridges, as well as removable restorations such as dentures.


We provide the highest quality permanent restorations including all-ceramic solutions. Their excellent quality in addition to perfect aesthetics eliminates the problem of gums which turn blue at the crowns where the porcelain is fired on metal.


We also offer removable restorations: acetal dentures. They are made of a very light and slightly flexible material and very comfortable to use. Besides, they do not contain any metal and the clamps are made of the same material in the natural colour of the teeth.



Our priority is the excellent quality and precision of our work in order to see at the end of the treatment a new, relaxed, wide smile of our satisfied patient.



Services available in:


Babice Clinic


Radość Clinic


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