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Dental surgery

Dental surgery

At Dr Sobczak’s Clinics, we offer a full range of dental surgery services, mostly extractions, i.e. teeth removal. We deal with erupted and unerupted teeth and chisel the so-called wisdom teeth, commonly known as "eights". We also perform root tip resections, e.g. in case of contraindications to root canal treatment, which can save the tooth from removal, among other things. Before starting prosthetic treatment, we correct alveolar processes and cut out fibrous folds.




We support orthodontic treatment by undercutting the frenulum, revealing impacted teeth or implanting orthodontic screws - additional implants for the duration of orthodontic treatment.


We also perform Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), i.e. volume restoration of lost bone tissue, a procedure which supports implantological and periodontal treatment. The fundamental condition for dental implant placement is the appropriate qualitative and quantitative condition of bone tissue in the areas where the treatment is planned.


GBR uses highly specialized bone substitutes or bone forming products to support the naturally regenerating tissue. The Controlled Bone Regeneration treatments are widely recognized as safe procedures that bring extremely satisfying results, which are hardly possible without the support of natural reconstruction.





Services available in:


Babice Clinic


Radość Clinic


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