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Dr Sobczak’s Clinics offer full range of gynaecological services, from prevention and diagnostics to comprehensive gynaecological treatment.



We provide comprehensive pregnancy support service including ultrasound examination and gynaecological consultations. We conduct a number of tests, including diagnostic imaging, gynaecological vaginal ultrasound and non-invasive prenatal diagnostics. We perform genetic tests for HPV, vaccinate against HPV, as well as offer preventive solutions and HPV treatment.


As part of prevention, we encourage all our patients to visit us regularly to check their health status. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of possible treatment. A visit to a specialist combined with a wide range of examinations should take place at least once a year. The gynaecologist also helps patients to choose the most appropriate and effective method of contraception.



 We offer a wide range of diagnostics to provide complete and accurate information, including blood tests and ultrasound. Our gynaecological clinic is equipped with high quality medical equipment which allows to perform a quick and extremely accurate analysis leading to a diagnosis indicating effective treatment.


All visits are conducted under the supervision of a gynaecologist with vast knowledge and experience who helps our patients to solve any problems.






Services available in:


Babice Clinic


Radość Clinic


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