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Straumann, a leading manufacturer of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for dental implantology, has distinguished us by awarding us the prestigious title of Authorized Implant Clinic in Warsaw.


 As a leader in implantology treatment in Poland, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and free of charge implantology consultations. All over the world, the replacement of missing teeth with implants has been displacing traditional prosthetic solutions and has become an increasingly popular standard. This form of treatment is simple, safe and lasts indefinitely. Thanks to the proprietary Real Arch Sobczak Concept® method by Dr Barbara Sobczak, it is also extremely fast:


The video shows an innovative method of treatment for Patients who are forced to remove all their teeth or do not have them at all. Dr Sobczak's concept does not force the patients to wear dentures. In the result, they can live in a normal way, free from any inconveniences.



Services available in:
Babice Clinic
Radość Clinic

Temporary bridge in 3 hours

Temporary bridge in just three hours?!

We are the only clinic in the world offering a temporary bridge placed on implants within 3 hours only, thanks to Sobczak Concept® treatment method developed by Dr Barbara Sobczak!

In the video, Dr Barbara Sobczak, assisted by her team, offered her Patient a temporary bridge placed on implants within just 3 hours. Immediate loading is a revolutionary solution for all those who want to enjoy a wide, beautiful smile after just one visit.

It is very important to accelerate the healing process of tissues in the oral cavity and to avoid any unexpected complications.

To find out how such treatment looks like, have a look at the short video available below:

Single missing teeth

The procedure makes use of the phenomenon of osseointegration which allows to replace the tooth and lets the bone adhere to the implant. The solution ensures long-term stability and is fully natural because implants function in the oral cavity in a way as close as possible to their natural anatomical equivalent.

Multiple missing teeth

The advantage of implant-supported bridges is that healthy teeth adjacent to the missing ones remain intact. This allows for a long-term evaluation of the performed treatment and the preservation of full and healthy bone tissue. In addition, the implant serves as a support for the crown by transferring all biting forces to the bone, which prevents its resorption (disappearance), a phenomenon which is natural in case of missing teeth.

Total toothlessness

Missing teeth in the jaw and/or mandible can be replaced by a full circular bridge based on four or six implants. This solution ensures full stability and durability of the support for the bridge and artificial crowns. This solution gives the highest possible comfort and allows you to completely forget about having a restoration. All chewing forces are distributed as closely to the physiological version as possible, as the implants are placed in the bones in the same way as natural teeth were.


Learn more about the original Sobczak Concept® treatment method.

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