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Sobczak Concept®

Sobczak Concept®

A revolution in implant treatment!

Edentulism, periodontitis, inflammations

Is a denture or denture-like solutions the only way out?

Not any more!

Problems related to the lack of teeth are very troublesome, but we have a solution that will allow you to enjoy the taste of your favorite foods and a beautiful, natural smile.

Don't waste your life on dentures that limit you.

Make an appointment for the Sobczak Concept® implant treatment, available only at Dr Sobczak Clinics.

Free yourself from your denture, whatever your age.


Sobczak Concept® implant treatment

If you wear a denture;

If your teeth are moving or have already started falling out;

If you have periodontal disease;

If you have multiple inflammations;

We have a solution that will protect you from dentures.


This treatment will bring you normality, a new quality of life, full of joy and self-confidence.

No artificial gums,

No bone reduction

Perfectly fitted,

Computer planned,

Just a few hours - change for life,

Sobczak Concept® - Your third set teeth.


Why the problems with the teeth?

Various factors are responsible for the loss of teeth, including:

Periodontitis (periodontal disease), which is a genetic disease. It does not depend on age, origin or taking care of your teeth. The body treats teeth as a foreign body that needs to be removed. This is why bone loss occurs around the teeth. As a result of this process, the teeth start moving and then fall out.

Inflammation occurs in the bone due to bacteria that have infected the tooth. If the tooth is not treated in time, bacteria get to the tooth root and then to the bone, destroying it.

Mechanical injuries, i.e. a strong impact, e.g. during an accident.

Occlusal disease and bruxism are caused by incorrect bite and overloading of the teeth. With bruxism - an overload caused by a strong clenching of the teeth, sometimes unconsciously - in a dream.


Implantological revolution in your mouth

Sobczak Concept® is the latest implant treatment protocol, available only at Dr Sobczak Clinics, dedicated to edentulous Patients or Patients whose teeth can no longer be saved. It was created, among others thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions in the field of implantology and prosthetics.

It covers the full diagnostic and therapeutic process, starting from the qualification process, through implant surgery, to comprehensive post-treatment care. We will help you restore normality and self-confidence.

In just a few hours, you can effectively and comfortably regain your smile and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes, regardless of your age.

Sobczak Concept® treatment is a comfortable, minimally invasive procedure, computer-planned and performed by highly qualified doctors.

Don't waste your life on dentures that limit you.

Sobczak Concept® will make you feel young in body and spirit.


Is the Sobczak Concept® treatment for me?

If you feel the symptoms described in the article above - do not wait! Make an appointment to qualify for the procedure. Edentulous treatment according to the Sobczak Concept® protocol is fast, completely safe, and gives fantastic results. Don't let the problem of edentulism, which affects many millions of Patients, take away the joy of life.

In 2015, a young, 28-year-old patient visited Dr. Barbara Sobczak. After the examination, it turned out that all teeth, or rather their roots, had to be removed. This caused shock and trauma,  especially for a patient so young.


The doctor could not imagine condemning the Patient to wear a denture. On the other hand, the commonly used treatment protocols, involve placing a bridge on implants with artificial gums and bone reduction in order to make room for the artificial gums.


Doctor Sobczak decided to give our young patient the best possible. What would Doctor Sobczak like to have in her situation - A third set of teeth, growing out from her own gums, that look like teeth, that function like teeth and fit perfectly to the patient's own gums.


The Sobczak Concept® does not assume bone reduction, but is always based on its preservation and reconstruction when there is too little of it.


A few months later it turned out that no-one in the world treats patients in this way. Dr. Sobczak began to conduct training and lectures on her method, which was appreciated by doctors and patients from all over the world.


Currently, the Sobczak Concept® is a 100% digital treatment protocol. It uses intraoral scanners, computer navigation to insert implants, digital smile design, 3D printers and 5-axis Full HD milling machines. As a result, everything takes just a few hours and is extremely accurate.

Photographs before and after the treatment

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