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Real Arch Sobczak Concept® is a revolutionary method of treatment in the field of implantology, which is gaining more and more recognition among specialists from all over the world, authored and developed by Dr Barbara Sobczak. It allows to fix a temporary bridge on freshly inserted implants on the same day!

Straumann, a leading manufacturer of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for dental implantology, has distinguished us by awarding us the prestigious title of Authorized Implant Clinic in Warsaw.


 As a leader in implantology treatment in Poland, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and free of charge implantology consultations. All over the world, the replacement of missing teeth with implants has been displacing traditional prosthetic solutions and has become an increasingly popular standard. This form of treatment is simple, safe and lasts indefinitely. Thanks to the proprietary Real Arch Sobczak Concept® method by Dr Barbara Sobczak, it is also extremely fast.

Prevention dentistry is preventing the formation of dental and dental diseases that surround the teeth (periodontium).

Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention of tooth decay and the treatment and filling of cavities in a way focused on restoring functional and aesthetic value.

At dr Sobczak Clinics, we offer the highest-class intelligent dental materials, which we use as standard for every filling. We also offer tooth reconstruction based on posts of the most modern type of fiberglass available on the market.

Performing all procedures at dr Sobczak Clinics is possible under anesthesia that provides full comfort during the visit.

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is performed in case of the death of tooth pulp composed of nerves and vessels, or its irreversible inflammation.

Based on X-ray images, a detailed anatomy of the tooth is determined including the number of canals, their shape and course and the length of roots. The treatment is initiated by opening the tooth's chamber and removing all tissues which are infected and damaged by bacteria. This provides full access to the root canals from which the infected pulp is removed. Individual length of each root canal is measured with a specialist endometer. Then, the canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate agents. The last stage of root canal treatment is drying the canals and tightly filling their interior with special materials which ensure tightness and prevent reinfection of the periapical tissues.

The whole procedure is carried out by experienced and highly specialized endodontic doctors under the microscope which can magnify an image even up to 25 times. Endodontic treatment in our clinics is carried out only with the latest methods and standards established by the Polish Endodontic Society, which confirms our highest effectiveness of over 95% according to the latest research.

All procedures in Dr Sobczak's Clinics can be performed under anaesthesia, ensuring full comfort during the visit.

W Klinikach dr Sobczak oferujemy nowoczesne i kompleksowe leczenie ortodontyczne dzieci i dorosłych również te przygotowujące do planowanego zabiegu chirurgicznego lub protetycznego.

Proponujemy Państwu najbardziej zaawansowany i innowacyjny system przezroczystych nakładek Invisalign. Nakładki są wykonane z inteligentnego materiału SmartTrack zapewniającego 75% poprawy w ogólnej przewidywalności przemieszczania się zębów do oczekiwanej przez specjalistę pozycji.

Proces leczenia rozpoczyna konsultacja, podczas której lekarz kwalifikuje Pacjenta i wykonuje prześwietlenia oraz skany cyfrowe. Na podstawie otrzymanej dokumentacji opracowuje zindywidualizowany plan leczenia. Następnie Pacjent otrzymuje od specjalisty zestaw wykonanych specjalnie dla niego nakładek, które musi nosić codziennie i wymieniać średnio co tydzień bądź dwa. Lekarz spotyka się z Pacjentem co sześć do ośmiu tygodni w celu monitorowania przebiegu i postępów leczenia oraz przekazania nowych nakładek. Na koniec wymagane jest stosowanie aparatu retencyjnego utrzymującego zęby w ich nowej, idealnej pozycji.

Nakładki są praktycznie niezauważalne, co pozwala rozmawiać i śmiać się bez obaw.

At Dr Sobczak’s Clinics, we offer a full range of dental surgery services, mostly extractions, i.e. teeth removal. We deal with erupted and unerupted teeth and chisel the so-called wisdom teeth, commonly known as "eights". We also perform root tip resections, e.g. in case of contraindications to root canal treatment, which can save the tooth from removal, among other things. Before starting prosthetic treatment, we correct alveolar processes and cut out fibrous folds.


We support orthodontic treatment by undercutting the frenulum, revealing impacted teeth or implanting orthodontic screws - additional implants for the duration of orthodontic treatment.


We also perform Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), i.e. volume restoration of lost bone tissue, a procedure which supports implantological and periodontal treatment. The fundamental condition for dental implant placement is the appropriate qualitative and quantitative condition of bone tissue in the areas where the treatment is planned.


GBR uses highly specialized bone substitutes or bone forming products to support the naturally regenerating tissue. The Controlled Bone Regeneration treatments are widely recognized as safe procedures that bring extremely satisfying results, which are hardly possible without the support of natural reconstruction.

Prosthetic treatment focuses on the full restoration of anatomical occlusion conditions in case of any missing teeth. In Dr Sobczak's Clinics, the prosthetics includes both permanent restorations including crowns based on implants, inlays, crowns and bridges, as well as removable restorations such as dentures.


We provide the highest quality permanent restorations including all-ceramic solutions. Their excellent quality in addition to perfect aesthetics eliminates the problem of gums which turn blue at the crowns where the porcelain is fired on metal.


We also offer removable restorations: acetal dentures. They are made of a very light and slightly flexible material and very comfortable to use. Besides, they do not contain any metal and the clamps are made of the same material in the natural colour of the teeth.


Our priority is the excellent quality and precision of our work in order to see at the end of the treatment a new, relaxed, wide smile of our satisfied patient.

Hygienic treatments performed by certified hygienists are the basic procedures preceding any oral cavity treatment.


During the procedure, we focus on several successive stages.


We start with the removal of tartar (scaling) using an ultrasound scaler. It is extremely important because of the negative impact on the exposure and lowering of the dental services, which may lead to the loss of the bones of the alveolar processes and subsequent loosening of the teeth, and consequently even their loss. Then we remove all deposits, plaque and discolourations from the surface of the teeth by sandblasting.


The next stage is polishing the teeth with specialized polishing pastes, brushes and erasers which restores the effect of smooth and uniform texture. The final stage of the hygiene treatment is fluoridation which involves rubbing appropriate varnishes, foams, solutions and fluoride gels into the teeth.

The aesthetic aspect of the appearance is affected by many factors such as age, diseases, individual predisposition or unfortunate accidents. Fortunately, Dr Sobczak’s Clinics offer a range of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine based on the experience and qualifications of our specialists and on state of the art methods. We help to restore beauty with long-lasting and natural results, offering single treatments and full packages tailored individually for you.

The best solutions are selected in the result of thorough dermatological and diagnostics and suited to the patient's preferences. Our goal is to achieve the final result which will meet or even exceed the expectations of the patient, while taking care of his health and ensuring friendly atmosphere.

We serve to improve the quality of life of our patients by eliminating mimic wrinkles, filling furrows and folds and correcting dark circles under the eyes. We enlarge, emphasize and moisturize lips, model facial contours and restore facial volume using volumetric techniques. We also perform mesotherapy, treat alopecia and hyperhidrosis.

We perform corrective plastic surgery of eyelids and protruding ears. We lift the face and improve its oval by using the highest quality PDO threads with polyidioxanone which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. We help to solve problems related to bruxism by using botulinum toxin (botox) which shrinks masseter muscles letting them relax; this in turn reduces the ailments and results in visual slimming of the face.

We offer quick and easy access to an internist doctor, for prevention and preliminary diagnosis, as well as treatment and health control in cases involving viral and bacterial infections and sudden inflammations. Frequently, our general practitioner after a thorough examination refers patients to an appropriate specialist doctor.


Dr Sobczak’s Clinics offer full range of gynaecological services, from prevention and diagnostics to comprehensive gynaecological treatment.

We provide comprehensive pregnancy support service including ultrasound examination and gynaecological consultations. We conduct a number of tests, including diagnostic imaging, gynaecological vaginal ultrasound and non-invasive prenatal diagnostics. We perform genetic tests for HPV, vaccinate against HPV, as well as offer preventive solutions and HPV treatment.

As part of prevention, we encourage all our patients to visit us regularly to check their health status. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of possible treatment. A visit to a specialist combined with a wide range of examinations should take place at least once a year. The gynaecologist also helps patients to choose the most appropriate and effective method of contraception.

 We offer a wide range of diagnostics to provide complete and accurate information, including blood tests and ultrasound. Our gynaecological clinic is equipped with high quality medical equipment which allows to perform a quick and extremely accurate analysis leading to a diagnosis indicating effective treatment.

All visits are conducted under the supervision of a gynaecologist with vast knowledge and experience who helps our patients to solve any problems.

Dr Sobczak’s Clinics offer orthopaedic treatments by a highly qualified doctor with many years of experience and long hospital practice as an orthopaedic surgeon/traumatologist. He specializes in orthopaedics and traumatology and provides consultancy and full patient guidance through the process of treatment and rehabilitation.


Ha can also perform minimally invasive procedures such as joint blocking injections.


All orthopaedic consultations conducted by our expert cover problems and diseases of upper and lower limbs. He focuses on problems related to acromioclavicular, shoulder, elbow, radiocarpal, hip, knee, ankle joints and to degenerative changes in the form of so-called joint blockages.

Our team includes also an excellent psychiatrist who is involved in the study and application of biopsychosocial principles in etiology, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of behavioural, emotional and mental disorders. Such inconveniences can affect the life of any person, sometimes occurring together with other problems such as anxiety, depression and psychosis.


We would like to provide you with easy access to services which allow to treat such problems and get rid of them in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, based on the results of the latest and proven research and assumptions.

Dr Sobczak's Clinics provide support in the field of occupational medicine. We assist in carrying out preliminary, periodic and return-to-work checkups for employees of all sectors of industry exposed to various harmful factors.


We offer examinations of candidates for drivers confirmed by a certificate of competence necessary for the Transport Department. We service employees working at heights and with machinery in motion. We also issue certificates for persons using monitors.


We offer assistance with respect to a wide range of laboratory tests as well as sanitary and epidemiological tests, issuing necessary certificates.

We conduct research concerning work in ionizing radiation.

We make digital pantomographic images and computed tomography. For your convenience, we also have X-ray machines in every dental office at our Clinic.


We offer 3D computer tomography which is an ultra-precise examination method allowing to obtain the highest quality three-dimensional image of the patient's tissues. We have a camera with many innovative functions, including an unusually short exposure time and automatic selection of its parameters. Thanks to high automation, the specialty doctor can fully focus on what is most important, i.e. the Patient, his comfort and feelings during the examination.


In each of Dr Sobczak’s Clinics, we can make X-ray images of teeth, temporomandibular joints or nose.


Reliable and comprehensive diagnostics provided with state of the art solutions is the basis of the Patient's treatment. By using a large imaging field, it is possible to perform just a single examination instead of several exposures with a variety of devices. There is no need for the patient to spend many hours in clinics or hospitals in order to obtain a meticulous assessment of his health status.


During the examination, the Patient receives a 10×10 cm 3D image. The examination allows to obtain any number of transversal bone cross-sections and display them in the desired order. It is a useful tool in pre-implantation diagnostics and in the simulation of implant placement. It provides an accurate radiographic image and enables to measure the thickness of bone tissue. This method allows us to be almost 100% confident about the course of the planned treatment.

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