Barbara Sobczak

Author of Sobczak Concept®
- a fully digital implant treatment protocol for toothless patients.

Dr Barbara Sobczak

  • First author of recent scientific publications in medical journals with a combined Impact Factor of over 4.5:
    • “An Integrated Fully Digital Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Full-Arch Restoration of Edentulous Patients – A Case Report”.
    • “A Versatile Integrated Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Pink-Free Full-Arch Restoration – A Case Series”.
  • Master of Science in Oral Implantology, graduated with honors from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Founder of Dr. Sobczak Joy Clinic in Warsaw, Poland
  • Founder of Dr. Sobczak Babice Clinic in Stare Babice, Poland
  • Founder of Dr Sobczak Dental Clinic in Dubai Mall, Dubai
  • Lecturer and opinion leader for Straumann in the field of implantology in Europe
  • Lecturer and opinion leader in implantology in the Middle East
  • Independent lecturer in the field of dental implantology worldwide
  • Medical consultant for Straumann in Poland
  • Medical consultant on behalf of Straumann Group in Switzerland
  • Dr. Sobczak’s clinics hold the title of Center of Excellence for Education Straumann – providing courses for dentists in advanced implantology
  • ITI Fellow, awarded by the Chapter in Switzerland for achievements in implantology
    Author of consecutive publications in implantology with Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Basel, Switzerland
  • Member of scientific projects on dental materials in implantology for temporary reconstruction of full arches
  • Member of the judging committee of the Smile Award 2022 edition
  • Member of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), an organization that supports the educational and scientific development of young implantologists
  • Founder of ITI Study Club Mazovia
  • Founder of ITI Study Club Polonika
  • Winner of the international Straumann Group Smile Award 2021 competition
  • XII Polish Businesswoman Award in the categories “Discovery of the Year 2021” and “Leader among Medical Clinics”
  • Women’s Brand of the Year 2020 and
  • Women Star Award
  • Women’s Brand of the Year 2019, Class & Style Award
  • Dentist of the Year Award 2019
  • Winner of the “Eagles of Medicine” award
  • Dr. Sobczak also regularly appears on the morning show on Polish TV. Each episode is based on the life story of one patient and the spectacular transformation after the Sobczak Concept® procedure performed by Dr. Barbara Sobczak.

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Frank Issoh
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Maitha 455
I want see thank you for Ms.wafa she is very helpful and she is very Sweety with us
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Katarzyna Przydryga (ViviOli)
My favourite place in Dubai!! They changed my smile and my life! Thank you ?
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Joanna Ka
I am very happy to find this clinic. The service here is amazing and reception ladies are very nice and helpful.

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