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Toothlessness, periodontitis, inflammation

Is a denture or denture-like solutions
the only solution? Not any more!

Problems related to missing teeth are very troublesome, but we have a solution that will allow you to enjoy the taste of your favorite foods

and a beautiful, natural smile.

Don’t waste your life on dentures that limit you.

Make an appointment for the Sobczak Concept® implant treatment, available only at Dr Sobczak Clinics.

Free yourself from dentures regardless of your age.

Sobczak Concept® implantological treatment

  • If you wear a denture;

  • If your teeth are moving or have already started to fall out;

  • If you have periodontal disease;

  • If you have numerous inflammations;

    We have a solution that will save you from dentures.

This treatment will bring you normality, a new quality of life, full of joy and self-confidence.

• No artificial gums,

• No bone reduction,

• Perfect fit,

• Computer planning,

• Just a few hours – a lifetime change,

• Sobczak Concept® – Your third set of teeth.

Where do dental problems come from?

Tooth loss is caused by various factors, including:

Periodontitis (periodontal disease), which is a genetic disease. It does not depend on age, origin or dental care. The body treats teeth as a foreign body that needs to be removed. This is why bone loss occurs around the teeth. As a result of this process, the teeth begin to move and then fall out.

Inflammation occurs in the bone due to bacteria that have infected the tooth. If the tooth is not treated in time, the bacteria get to the tooth root and then to the bone, destroying it.

Mechanical injuries, i.e. a strong impact, e.g. during an accident.

Occlusal disease and bruxism are caused by incorrect bite and tooth overload. In the case of bruxism – overload caused by strong teeth clenching, sometimes unconscious – in sleep.

Implantological revolution in your mouth

Sobczak Concept® is the latest implant treatment protocol, available only in Dr. Sobczak Clinics, dedicated to edentulous patients or patients whose teeth can no longer be saved. It was created, among others, thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions in the field of implantology and prosthetics.

It covers the full diagnostic and therapeutic process, from the qualification process, through implantological treatment, to comprehensive post-treatment care. We will help you restore normality and self-confidence.

In just a few hours you can effectively and comfortably regain your smile and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes, regardless of age.

The Sobczak Concept® treatment is a comfortable, minimally invasive procedure, planned by computer and performed by highly qualified doctors.

Don’t waste your life on dentures that limit you.

Sobczak Concept® will make you feel young in spirit and body.

Is the Sobczak Concept® implant treatment for me?

If you experience the symptoms described in the above article – don’t wait! Make a qualification appointment for the procedure. Treatment of edentulism according to the Sobczak Concept® protocol is fast, completely safe and gives fantastic results. Don’t let the problem of toothlessness, which millions of patients struggle with, take away the joy of your life.

How was the Sobczak Concept® treatment protocol created?

In 2015, a young, 28-year-old patient came to see Dr. Barbara Sobczak. After the examination, it turned out that all the teeth, or rather their roots, needed to be removed. Shock and trauma for every patient, especially for such a young one.

The doctor could not imagine condemning the patient to wearing a denture, or to the commonly used treatment protocol, which involves placing a bridge with artificial gums on implants. However, in order to attach such a bridge to the implants, the patient’s bone must first be reduced to make room for the artificial gums.

Dr. Sobczak decided to give our young patient the best of everything. What she herself would like to have if she were in her situation – third teeth, growing out of her own gums. Looking like teeth, functioning like teeth and adhering tightly to the Patient’s gums.

Sobczak Concept® does not involve bone reduction, but always relies on bone preservation and restoration when there is too little bone.

A few months later, it became clear that no one in the world was treating patients this way. Dr. Sobczak began giving training and lectures on her method, which has been appreciated by doctors and patients from all over the world.

Today, Sobczak Concept® is a 100% digital treatment protocol. It uses intraoral scanners, computer navigation for implant insertion, digital smile design, and 3D printers and 5-axis Full HD milling machines. As a result, everything takes just a few hours and is extremely accurate.

Dr. Barbara Sobczak on Sobczak Concept® treatment.

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Before and After

Ms. Elżbieta, 60 years old

One piece of information from a proven source is worth more than a thousand from an unknown one.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Want to learn more about Sobczak Concept®?
Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of rebuilding all teeth in the maxilla or mandible using the Sobczak Concept® method is determined individually with the doctor during a free consultation. During the consultation, the patient’s oral health is examined, as well as a computed tomography scan and an intraoral scan. Based on these examinations, the doctor plans treatment. In a special program, the doctor plans the position of the implants, their thickness, length and angle of inclination, as well as a surgical template through which the implants will be placed exactly in the places planned by the doctor. During the consultation, the patient receives the exact cost of treatment in his/her specific case. The price includes planning, preparation of a surgical template, insertion of implants, prosthetic abutments and a temporary Sobczak Bridge™, which is designed and manufactured 100% digitally in our own in-house prosthetic lab.

How long does treatment with the Sobczak concept® method last?

The treatment time with the Sobczak Concept® method is from 3 to 7 hours. Typically, approximately 1-3 hours after the surgical part is completed, the patient can use the temporary bridge.

What is the difference between the Sobczak Concept® method and other treatment methods?

Sobczak Concept®

Other methods

The treatment is digitally planned individually for the patient

The patient is “adapted” to the procedure through, for example, bone reduction

The duration of the procedure, including the installation of the Sobczak Bridge™ bridge on the implants, is usually approximately 3 – 6 hours

Treatment time – ???

The implants are inserted very precisely through the surgical template. A super-accurate digital impression, made with an intraoral scanner, transfers the situation in the patient’s mouth straight to our prosthetic laboratory

A classic impression is taken using an impression mass

Prosthetic reconstruction – Sobczak Bridge™

Another prosthetic reconstruction – most often a denture screw in to the implants

There are no artificial gums

The bridge is a denture mounted on implants

It looks and functions like teeth

It allows the patient’s gums to be preserved and the bridge fits perfectly to them

Super accurate because it was designed and made 100% digitally


Why Sobczak Bridge™?

Sobczak Bridge™

There are no artificial gums; It allows the patient’s gums to be preserved and adheres perfectly to them; It looks like teeth; Functions like teeth; Super-accurate because it was designed and made 100% digitally.

What does missing teeth lead to?

Molars, located at the back of our mouth, allow us to chew food efficiently and stabilize all other teeth. Their loss takes away the support of the contacting teeth, depriving them of their natural support and, consequently, stabilization, which causes them to start moving and moving towards the gap. A long period of functioning without a prosthetic restoration, especially if several teeth are missing, may make it impossible to replace them later. Additionally, remember that healthy teeth stimulate the bone and gums, thus preventing bone loss and gum subsidence. The aesthetic issue is also important because the collapsing bone causes the lips and cheeks to lose their support and sag. Eating habits are also changing. The more teeth are missing, the more food we avoid, fearing the difficulties associated with chewing them. All these factors show how important it is to supplement even individual deficiencies in order to avoid progressive negative consequences.

What is an implant?

An implant is a new tooth root. It is made of titanium, which grows together with the bone like a broken limb and is treated by the body as an integral part.

What is a prosthetic restoration?

In the case of Sobczak Concept®, the prosthetic restoration is a bridge attached to implants, which is intended to replace teeth that are missing or need to be removed. In the case of a traditional bridge based on the patient’s teeth, the doctor must prepare the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap in order to prepare support pillars. One of the elements that distinguish our method from other solutions is the selection of materials. We use only the highest quality ceramics and frameworks that do not differ in color and texture from those that can be seen on healthy teeth. Very often, dentists use restorations with a metal substructure, which over time may lead to the exposure of an unsightly, darker metal line near the gums. This is one of the many reasons why we only offer all-ceramic bridges.

When are dental implants used?

You will find the answer to this question on specially prepared pages regarding the use of implants in the case of:

  • missing single teeth
  • multi-tooth deficiencies
  • total deficiencies

What are the advantages of using an implant?

Restorations based on dental implants are extremely durable. They can be used for many years, and if proper hygiene and use are maintained, even for the rest of your life. They do not require grinding adjacent healthy teeth, and keeping them clean is as easy as natural teeth. Thanks to the use of appropriate biocompatible materials, the human body accepts them without any problems, allowing for trouble-free eating and speaking. New teeth behave exactly like real ones, and their appearance is healthy and completely natural.

When is the best time to replace missing teeth?

Definitely as soon as possible after tooth loss! Restoration at the right time will help prevent unpleasant consequences and further complications that have a huge impact on the remaining healthy teeth.

What does a soft diet mean? What can I eat after Sobczak Concept® treatment?

Especially for you, we have developed in cooperation with a nutritionist Dietary Recommendations and sample Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and small snacks. Enjoy your meal 🙂

Dlaczego nie proteza?

Many patients are forced to wear dentures. However, they are disturbed by great discomfort related to pain, a strong vomiting reflex or simply shame. Many of them do not wear them at all, or only when they really have no other choice. Having a denture negatively affects a person’s well-being, often excluding him from social life.

Patients who use dentures often complain about annoying food remains lying under the denture, which may lead to the development of bedsores, which in most cases cause pain. The pressure on the tissues caused by the use of the denture leads to inflammation in the oral cavity, and prolonged use leads to bone loss. This causes the dentures to stop fitting and start to move, causing even more discomfort. The denture then needs to be re-adjusted to the new conditions, but it all happens again later, until the denture has nothing to hold on to and there is so little bone left that in many cases the implants can no longer be inserted or additional bone reconstruction procedures are needed.

An ill-fitting denture increases the discomfort of everyday life, negatively affecting eating and speaking. Therefore, choosing a denture should be a last resort after examining all available alternatives.

Currently, the best solution, closest to natural teeth, are implants. Thanks to them, it is possible to rebuild both individual missing teeth and all teeth. In the case of edentulism, the Sobczak Concept® treatment can restore the teeth that patients dream of. Teeth that “grow” from their own gums.

• Thanks to computer planning, the treatment is very accurate, the results are wonderful and the aesthetics are wonderful;

• Thanks to the precise execution and experience of the doctor, the Sobczak Concept® treatment is completely comfortable.

• Computer-aided accuracy and speed.

• All this also translates into the durability of the treatment.

Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® treatment and perfect planning, during one treatment it is possible to:

• removal of damaged teeth;

• removal of inflammation that causes pain;

• insertion of implants;

• placing a bridge on them,

which above all:

• there are no artificial gums;

• allows you to preserve the patient’s gums;

• adheres perfectly to the gums, so no food remains accumulate under it;

• looks like teeth;

• functions like teeth;

• it is super accurate because it was designed and made 100% digitally!

Investing in a beautiful smile means self-confidence and better well-being.

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