What is prosthetics dentistry?


Dental prosthetics is a field of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction and replacement of missing or damaged teeth using various types of prosthetic reconstructions. The goal of dental prosthetics is to restore the patient’s chewing, speaking and smile aesthetics.

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Why choose dental prosthetics at dr Sobczak

We make all prosthetic reconstructions in our own in-house prosthetic lab based on a digital impression – a scan with an intraoral scanner.
Crowns are designed on a computer and then milled from beautiful ceramics by a computer-controlled laboratory milling machine in Full HD resolution.
Thanks to this, the crowns made in our clinics are incredibly accurate and usually stays on a tooth as long as a tooth stays in your mouth.

Dental prosthetics aims to restore the patient’s oral health and smile. Prosthodontists work closely with other dental specialists, such as dental surgeons, orthodontists and dental hygienists, to tailor prosthetic solutions to a patient’s individual needs.

Treatment process step by step

At Dr. Sobczak’s clinics, prosthetic work is done digitally.

Instead of a classic impression with an impression mass, we perform an intravital scan with a scanner. This makes the patient feel more comfortable.

Such a scan is then sent to our digital prosthetic laboratory, where technicians design the patient’s teeth on the computer.

The finished design is milled on a Full HD laboratory milling machine.

Creating the perfect patient smile!

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A new front of the tooth. Just like a crown, a veneer is placed on the patient’s own tooth, which sometimes must earlier be properly prepared.

A crown on a tooth

A crown on a tooth is new tooth enamel. The crown is placed on the patient’s own tooth, which must earlier be properly prepared.

A prosthetic bridge

A prosthetic bridge is one of the ways to replace a missing tooth. It involves the preparation of adjacent teeth, which are having a role of “pillars” for the bridge.

Case gallery


MS. MAŁGORZATA, 53 years old

A perfect smile defined in one day.
Mrs. Margaret had a prosthesis. She couldn’t look in the mirror because of it.


Top-level specialist dr Sobczak

Author of Sobczak Concept®, a fully digital implant treatment protocol for toothless patients.

First author of recent scientific publications in medical journals with a combined Impact Factor of over 4.5:
“An Integrated Fully Digital Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Full-Arch Restoration of Edentulous Patients – A Case Report”.

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MS. MAŁGORZATA, 53 years old

A perfect smile defined in one day.
Ms. Małgorzata had a prosthesis. She couldn’t look in the mirror because of it.

Before treatment
After treatment

Now is your time! Forget about dentures. Regain your confidence and fulfill your dreams of a beautiful smile

  • One treatment
  • A few hours
  • A new life

Ms. Małgorzata had a denture. She couldn’t look in the mirror because of it.

She found out about the Sobczak Concept® procedure. Within a few hours, she got her new teeth, and threw the denture away

The Sobczak Concept® treatment changed her life completely. Ms. Margaret has her third teeth growing out of her own gums.

  • Thanks to computerized planning, the procedure is very accurate, the results are great, and the aesthetics are wonderful.
  • Thanks to the precise execution and experience of the doctor, the Sobczak Concept® procedure is completely comfortable.
  • Thanks to intraoral scanning with an intraoral scanner, the entire procedure is accurate and fast.
  • All this also translates into the durability of the treatment.

Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® procedure and excellent planning, Dr. Sobczak, during one treatment:

  • inserted the implants through a computer-designed surgical template;
    placed a bridge over them,

which above all:

  • has no artificial gums !
  • allows to preserve the patient’s gums;
  • adheres perfectly to the gums, so no food debris collects under it;
  • looks like teeth;
  • functions like teeth;

is super accurate because it is designed and manufactured 100% digitally.