What is CBCT computed tomography??

We offer 3D CT scanning, an ultra-precise examination that allows us to obtain the highest quality three-dimensional images of the patient’s tissues.
We have an apparatus with many innovative features, including unprecedentedly short exposure time and automatic selection of its parameters. Thanks to the high degree of automation, the specialist can fully focus on what is most important – the patient and his comfort and feelings during the examination.

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Why you should choose a CBCT CT scan with dr Sobczak

We perform digital pantomographic images and CT scans, and additionally, for the convenience of the Patient at Dr. Sobczak Clinics, we have X-ray machines in every dental office.

At each of Dr. Sobczak’s Clinics, we take x-rays of the teeth, temporomandibular joints or nose.

Advantages of using CBCT scans

Reliable and comprehensive diagnosis through the use of the most modern solutions available is the basis of the patient’s treatment.

Patients no longer need to spend hours in clinics or hospitals to get a meticulous assessment of their own health.

During the examination, the patient receives a 10×10 cm 3D image.

The study allows obtaining any number of bone cross sections and displaying them in the desired order. It is a useful tool for pre-implant diagnosis and for simulating implant placement.

It provides an accurate radiographic image and makes it possible to measure the thickness of bone tissue. With this method, we get almost one hundred percent certainty of the course of the planned treatment.

Find a convenient date, make an appointment and transform your smile!

Case gallery


MS IRENA, 52 years old

Ms. Irena is a very cheerful person. For some time, however, she has been unable to smile, and meetings with friends have become rare. Ms. Irena’s self-esteem was also getting worse.

Top-level specialist dr Sobczak

Author of Sobczak Concept®, a fully digital implant treatment protocol for toothless patients.

First author of recent scientific publications in medical journals with a combined Impact Factor of over 4.5:
“An Integrated Fully Digital Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Full-Arch Restoration of Edentulous Patients – A Case Report”.

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MS. IRENA, 52 years old

Before treatment
After treatment

“I feel and look great. Thank you.”

  • One treatment
  • A few hours
  • New life


Ms. Irena is a very cheerful person. For some time, however, she has not been able to smile, and meetings with friends became rare. Mrs. Irena’s self-esteem was also getting worse.

Sobczak Concept® treatment brought everything back to normal. She got her life back. Now she looks at her smile in the mirror with pleasure

She now has beautiful teeth that “grow” from her own gums !

  • Thanks to computerized planning, the procedure is very accurate, the results are great, and the aesthetics are wonderful
  • Thanks to the precise execution and experience of the doctor, the Sobczak Concept® procedure is completely comfortable.
  • Thanks to intraoral scanning with an intraoral scanner, the entire procedure is accurate and fast.
  • All this also translates into the durability of the treatment.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® procedure and excellent planning, Dr. Sobczak, during one treatment:

  • removed damaged teeth;
  • inserted the implants through a computer-designed surgical template;
  • placed a bridge over them,


Which above all:

  • has no artificial gums !
    allows the patient’s gums to be preserved;
  • adheres perfectly to the gums, so no food debris collects under it;
  • looks like teeth;
  • functions like teeth;
  • is super accurate because it is designed and manufactured 100% digitally.