Why choose Orthodontic treatment with Dr. Sobczak

In Dr. Sobczak’s clinics we offer modern and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults also those preparing for planned surgery or prosthetics.

We offer you the most advanced and innovative system of Invisalign clear overlays. The overlays are made of intelligent SmartTrack material providing a very high level of predictability of tooth movement to the position expected by the specialist.

Treatment Results


MS. IRENA, 52 years old 

Ms. Irena is a very cheerful person. For some time, however, she has been unable to smile, and meetings with friends have become rare. Ms. Irena’s self-esteem was also getting worse.

What is
overlay orthodontics?

Invisalign is the most advanced type of orthodontic aligners and is almost invisible. The name Invisalign is a combination of the words: invisible and aligner.

Thanks to Invisalign, the patient’s teeth are placed in the correct position in a completely invisible way. You can smile and talk without embarrassment. Invisalign is often used by television presenters.

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Want to know more about Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear teeth straightening appliance that will bring the beautiful smile of your dreams to your face. Using advanced 3D imaging technology, the Invisalign method creates a complete plan for straightening teeth, taking into account the shift from the initial to the desired position based on the Invisalign doctor’s recommendations. A set of aligners specifically tailored to a particular patient’s teeth is then prepared to gradually move the teeth. Each aligner from the set is worn for about two weeks and replaced with new aligners until the desired tooth alignment is achieved. The Invisalign treatment plan is prepared by the Doctor based on the patient’s individual needs.

What are the benefits of Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign aligners are nearly transparent. No one will even notice the clear, smooth Invisalign braces on your teeth, so you can wear them in any situation every day.
The aligners are removable, so there are no restrictions on the foods you can eat and drink. They can also be removed for brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene.
Unlike classic fixed braces, aligners have no brackets or wires. This means that less time is spent visiting the Invisalign treatment doctor
Invisalign also gives you the opportunity to know the final result and the entire treatment plan even before the treatment begins.

Is this a new method for straightening teeth?

In the past, orthodontists and dentists used removable and permanent braces on their patients for years. Thanks to Align Technology’s use of 3D computer technology and the ability to personalize treatment, many malocclusions can be treated with Invisalign. The unique ClinCheck software allows the entire treatment plan to be previewed even before treatment begins.

How many years has the company been around?

Align Technology, Inc. which manufactures Invisalign aligners, was founded in 1997.

How many years has this technology been in use?

In 1945, Dr. HD. Kiesling predicted that one day modern technology would make possible a series of positioners that would force teeth to reposition themselves as part of orthodontic treatment. Align Technology has turned this vision into reality. Using computer-aided design, Align Technology produces a set of clear Invisalign aligners tailored to the individual patient. Each aligner is worn one at a time to provide gradual movement of teeth in the upper and lower arch.

How many patients are treated with Invisalign?

More than 4 million people worldwide have used the Invisalign method More and more Invisalign smiles are arriving every day.

Which facilities offer Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign is available directly in more than 45 countries, including the US, Canada, European countries, China, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. The treatment is also attainable through distributors in smaller developing countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Where do I begin with Invisalign treatment?

Make an appointment for an initial consultation with an Invisalign doctor at our Clinic.

How does the Invisalign method work?

Invisalign aligners move teeth by exerting controlled pressure on them. Unlike traditional brackets, each Invisalign arch exerts controlled pressure not only in the right places, but also for the right length of time. According to the Invisalign treatment, only certain teeth are moved at each stage. In this method, pressure is exerted on the teeth at the appropriate force, causing them to be moved to the position specified by the doctor.

What are braces made of and what do they look like?

Aligners are essentially invisible and are made of a special transparent material developed specifically for the Invisalign system. Aligners are tailored to the individual patient so that they fit perfectly over the teeth.

Can I approach any dentist for Invisalign treatment?

Although Invisalign treatment can be applied according to virtually any philosophy, special training is required. All orthodontists identically interested in treating their patients with Invisalign must undergo training to become qualified and proficient in treating various cases before they are approved to begin treatment More than 82,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide are currently trained in Invisalign treatment.

How old does a patient have to be to start Invisalign treatment?

An experienced Invisalign Doctor can use this method to treat malocclusion in most adults and teens who dream of a more beautiful smile. Consult with an Invisalign Doctor to make sure the Invisalign Teen method will be right for your child.

A top-level specialist Dr. Sobczak

Author of Sobczak Concept®, a fully digital implant treatment protocol for toothless patients.

First author of recent scientific publications in medical journals with a combined Impact Factor of over 4.5:
“An Integrated Fully Digital Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Full-Arch Restoration of Edentulous Patients – A Case Report”.


Step-by-step treatment process

Ask your orthodontist about the possibility of INVISALIGN splints for you!

The treatment process begins with a consultation, during which the doctor qualifies the patient and takes x-rays and digital scans.

Treatment planning, simulation of tooth movement and selection of the most optimal number of orthodontic trays.

The patient then receives a set of custom-made overlays from the specialist, which must be worn daily and replaced every week or two on average. The doctor meets with the patient every six to eight weeks to monitor the course and progress of treatment and to hand over the new overlays.

Finally, a retention cap is required to stabilize the teeth in their new, ideal position.

The overlays are virtually unnoticeable, allowing you to talk and laugh without fear.
Based on a prior examination of the patient, models of his teeth and X-rays (pantomographic and cephalometric), the doctor will propose an individual treatment plan.

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I am very happy to find this clinic. The service here is amazing and reception ladies are very nice and helpful.

MS. IRENA, 52 years old

Before treatment
After treatment

“I feel and look great. Thank you.”

  • One treatment
  • A few hours
  • New life


Ms. Irena is a very cheerful person. For some time, however, she has not been able to smile, and meetings with friends became rare. Mrs. Irena’s self-esteem was also getting worse.

Sobczak Concept® treatment brought everything back to normal. She got her life back. Now she looks at her smile in the mirror with pleasure

She now has beautiful teeth that “grow” from her own gums !

  • Thanks to computerized planning, the procedure is very accurate, the results are great, and the aesthetics are wonderful
  • Thanks to the precise execution and experience of the doctor, the Sobczak Concept® procedure is completely comfortable.
  • Thanks to intraoral scanning with an intraoral scanner, the entire procedure is accurate and fast.
  • All this also translates into the durability of the treatment.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® procedure and excellent planning, Dr. Sobczak, during one treatment:

  • removed damaged teeth;
  • inserted the implants through a computer-designed surgical template;
  • placed a bridge over them,


Which above all:

  • has no artificial gums !
    allows the patient’s gums to be preserved;
  • adheres perfectly to the gums, so no food debris collects under it;
  • looks like teeth;
  • functions like teeth;
  • is super accurate because it is designed and manufactured 100% digitally.