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Who is Dr. Barbara Sobczak

Author of the Sobczak Concept® revolutionary fully digital implant treatment protocol for edentulous patients

First author of recent publications with total Impact Factor over 4,5 in medical journals:

“An Integrated Fully Digital Prosthetic Workflow for the Immediate Full-Arch Restoration of Edentulous Patients – A Case Report”…

Sobczak Concept®

A revolution in implant treatment.
Teeth in one day according to the Sobczak Concept® protocol. It has been appreciated by patients and specialist doctors
From all over the world. Allows you to regain your smile without any artificiality. Third teeth in just a few hours.

Gala for the Patients

The Gala is a special event dedicated to our patients as a thank you for every smile and emotion we have shared with you over the years.


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Smile makeover
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Treatment results are clearly visible.
Expertise comes along with the Art od Dentistry at the highest level.

Find a convenient date, make an appointment and transform your smile!

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Frank Issoh
Frank Issoh
Thanks for your hospitality
Maitha 455
Maitha 455
I want see thank you for Ms.wafa she is very helpful and she is very Sweety with us
Katarzyna Przydryga (ViviOli)
Katarzyna Przydryga (ViviOli)
My favourite place in Dubai!! They changed my smile and my life! Thank you 😘
Joanna Ka
Joanna Ka
I am very happy to find this clinic. The service here is amazing and reception ladies are very nice and helpful.

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own prosthetic laboratory

One of the pillars of Sobczak Concept® is working with a trusted, exceptionally aware team of dental technicians who have the appropriate technology at their disposal.

In our clinics, we have our own in-house digital laboratory and a team of dental technicians who are able to find the right solution on site, prepare the work almost immediately and perform fittings for the patient.

Thanks to this, the doctor and the dental technician together with the patient are able to create a tailor-made smile whithin one day.

Find a convenient date, make an appointment and transform your smile!

High-class clinic

Our professional dental clinics are known all over the world for their professionalism and specialists.

Full diagnostics

Full diagnostics

Our team believes that an accurate diagnosis is the basis for effective dental treatment, which is why we leave nothing to chance to offer our patients the best possible treatment.

Experienced doctors

Experienced doctors

Dr. Sobczak Dental Clinics consists of experienced medical specialists with high professional qualifications and scientific achievements. Thanks to the commitment and passion with which they perform their profession and numerous trainings, they guarantee the best possible care for our patients

Many Specialties

Many Specialties

Dr. Sobczak Clinics are places where qualified doctors of many specialties provide help. We offer our patients the possibility of diagnosis and treatment by various specialists without long waits for an available appointment.

Modern technologies
and expertise

Sobczak Concept® is the latest implant treatment protocol, available only in Dr. Sobczak Clinics, dedicated to edentulous patients or patients whose teeth can no longer be saved. It was created, among others, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technological solutions in the field of implantology and prosthetics.

It covers the full diagnostic and therapeutic process, from the qualification process, through implantological treatment, to comprehensive post-treatment care. We will help you restore normality and self-confidence.

In just a few hours, you can effectively and comfortably regain your smile and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes, regardless of your age.

Perfection on
every stage of work

The Sobczak Concept® treatment is a comfortable, minimally invasive procedure, planned by computer and performed by highly qualified doctors.

Don’t waste your life on dentures that limit you. Sobczak Concept® will make you feel young in spirit and body.

The Real Housewives of Warsaw

Dr. Barbara Sobczak took part in the 1st season of the reality show "The Real Housewives of Warsaw"