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Treatment method developed by Dr Barbara Sobczak

Barbara Sobczak, DDS, Msc

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We stay behind your smile

Our mission is to care about health and well-being through holistic and individual approach to everyone who visits us. We provide care at the highest possible level using the most modern technologies available on the market in Poland and abroad. Our specialists constantly improve their qualifications in order to ensure your comfort and map the complete course of treatment in a friendly atmosphere and together with you.


In each of our clinics, we offer a wide range of medical services performed by doctors of various specialities, dental services, aesthetic medicine treatments and much more. Thanks to the cooperation of professionals from various fields, we always have a comprehensive approach to our patients.



Every day in our clinics we fulfil the most secret dreams of our patients.

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Dr. sobczak
Barbara Sobczak, DDS, Msc

Why us?

Modern equipment

  • intraoral scanners
  • 3D printer
  • computed tomography
  • Full HD milling machine
  • laser
  • microscope
  • our own prosthetic laboratory
  • Experienced doctors

    Dr Sobczak’s Clinics team consists of experienced doctors with high professional qualifications and scientific achievements. Their commitment and passion with which they perform their job and attend numerous training courses guarantee medical care at the highest level for our patients.

    Many specialities

    Dr Sobczak’s Clinics provide to their patients the assistance of qualified doctors of many specialities. A variety of specialised diagnostic tests and treatments is arranged at dates convenient for the patient, without the need to wait long for the visit.

    Patients’ Recommendations

    Artykul foto
    Tomasz Wyszyński
    If you want to get implants it's the best place to go! The treatment was smooth like a walk in the park. I already have my new teeth, they're sensational, perfect, they're mine, they give a new quality to my life!
    Artykul foto
    Hannu Ohvo
      Video opinia  
    Artykul foto
    Ye Xiuce
    Excellent technique ​Outstanding service ​High standard of morality Global reputation
    Artykul foto
    Joanna Kmita
    Accuracy, professionalism and masterful hands of Dr Mateusz Pabijanek – these are the reasons for the best grade which I gave you. I recommend this clinic to anyone.
    Artykul foto
    Irena Lipiec
    Thank you so much for my new smile. I went through a difficult treatment, but everything worked out. Doctor Barbara Sobczak did her magic and provided all the best for me.
    Artykul foto
    Elisabeth Frost
    I can recommend her, and I meet people from all over, give them her card too, if asked. Full pot from me, she saved my teeth , and Helped me with implants too.
    Artykul foto
    Hania Woysław
    Professionalism at every step :) I am afraid of dentists but here my fear disappears. Wonderful doctors, nice and helpful receptionists, patience of a saint to panic attacks.
    Artykul foto
    Sara Kamińska
    They helped, even though they had already finished their work (Saturday at 2.50 p.m.)... All of them were very friendly and empathetic. I highly recommend this clinic.
    Artykul foto
    Marta Ciepłucha
    Two implants, orthodontics, prosthetics... A long story with a happy ending. Thanks :)
    Artykul foto
    Kasia Kozłowska
    Professionalism and heart-warming approach of the team in every way. And everything is supervised by the charming Doctor Basia, who captivates with her delicacy and precision
    Artykul foto
    Aneta Dziewulska
    Everything in perfect order. Professional approach and patient care. I recommend the Clinic.
    Artykul foto
    Magda Miecznikowska
    Awesome. The best service under the sun.
    Artykul foto
    Wioletta Piasecka
    Awesome place :) professional approach. Thank you.
    Artykul foto
    Michał Szaniawski
    I have been a regular for several years and I do appreciate not only the awesome quality of service, but also the fact that everything is at hand: the pantomography machine, the x-ray and the hygienist.
    Artykul foto
    Kamil Kasia Lega
    Having a tooth pulled out in this Clinic is a pleasure.
    Artykul foto
    Gosia Setrecka
    Everything here is top class. A+ :)
    Artykul foto
    Joanna Parasiewicz
    An extraction of a cosmically difficult eighth can be a pleasure, but only there. And only in the hands of Doctor Barbara Sobczak. Professionalism in every way.
    Artykul foto
    Luiza Karczewska
    Imagine a wonderful, pleasant feeling after having an eighth pulled out – and it was even better ;-). I do recommend the clinic, the atmosphere is very nice, even friendly. ;-)
    Artykul foto
    Joanna Dzierżanowska
    I live in London and come to Poland just for the treatment, because the service is great.
    Artykul foto
    Jacek Wysocki
    Five stars ***** They speak for themselves.
    Artykul foto
    Anna Szczepańska
    Very nice atmosphere, professional treatment and approach to the patient. I recommend it to anyone!!!
    Artykul foto
    Agnieszka Machado
    Excellent service, beautiful clinic, very friendly and educated staff, fast patient service, excellent results. I highly recommend it to all those who live in Poland as well as to international clients.
    Artykul foto
    Norbert Rutkowski
    A great place, they can cure the fear of a dentist. Holistic service without any drawbacks. They do their job efficiently, very well and at reasonable prices. I recommend this place to everyone!
    Artykul foto
    Renata Szu
    A professional, well equipped clinic. I go there to the dentists and I want to express my respect for the full professionalism and friendly approach to the patient. I highly recommend Doctor Sobczak. She is a great professional, and a nice, empathic person.
    Artykul foto
    Robert Krawczyk
    I have never been so well cared for. Doctor Justyna Mamaj restored my faith in dentistry. The assisting ladies were just great. Other places should envy you such smooth teamwork. No pain, in spite of the pus. A respectable, ethical place.
    Artykul foto
    Iwona Kornacka
    A top level clinic. Each of my visits was conducted professionally, the staff was very committed. Dr Mateusz Pabijanek is a wonderful specialist, he discusses everything in detail, each decision on the treatment is supported by knowledge that could be envied by doctors with longer experience.

    Dr Sobczak’s Clinic in Radość

    181, Patriotów St.
    04-881 Warsaw

    phone 22 110 50 25
    mobile 725 808 414

    Dr Sobczak’s Clinic in Babice

    5, Okulickiego St.
    05-082 Stare Babice

    phone 222 99 1001
    mobile 733 22 1001

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