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    Dr Sobczak Clinics were created for our pacients, who we always have in mind. Meeting your expectations, in addition to the full range of dental services, we also offer easy access to gynecologist, dermatologist, internist - cardiologist, ENT specialist, psychiatrist and orthopedist. 

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    Dr. Barbara Sobczak
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    Why us? Our clinic is worth choosing.

    Experienced doctors

    The team of Dr Sobczak Clinics is made of experienced doctors with high professional qualifications, who also have important scientific achievements. Thanks to the commitment and passion for work as well as numerous trainings they attend to, they guarantee our patients medical care at the highest level.

    Numerous specialties

    Dr Sobczak Clinics are places, where help is provided by qualified doctors of numerous specialties. We offer our patients the opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by various specialists without long waiting time.

    Modern equipment

    In Dr Sobczak Clinics we care about the highest quality of medical services, which is associated with having the best quality equipment. We garantee thoroughly carried out tests, quick diagnosis and, above all, more time spent on diagnosis and treatment.

    Our patients are not numbers for us, but

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    Our Specialties

    We are pleased to offer you the STRAUMANN dental implant ...

    Prosthetic treatment includes both permanent dentures like crowns on ...

    Dr Sobczak Clinics offer a full range of services in the field of ...

    Dr Sobczak Clinics offer you a modern and comprehensive orthodontic ...

    According to the latest methods of treatment, modern conservative and ...

    In Dr Sobczak Clinics the canal treatment perform Endodontists who ...

    We perform digital panoramic tomography and computer tomography. In ...

    In Dr Sobczak Clinics we provide a full range of dermatological services, included diagnostics ...

    In dr Sobczak Clinics we provide Patients with a full range of ...

    We want to provide you with quick and easy access to the general ...

    The cardiologist is involved in planning and conducting of cardiological treatment. On a daily ...

    At Dr. Sobczak Clinics we offer you a full range of treatments in the ...

    In Dr Sobczak Clinics we provide a full range of occupational medicine ...

    In Dr Sobczak Clinics the orthopedist is a doctor with many years of ...

    We want to provide you with easy access to a specialist ...

    World congress
    Masters of Oral Implantology


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    Dr Sobczak Brand

    With joy and smile we unite under the name of Dr Sobczak's Clinics! We introduce a new, even better ...
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    DDS MSc Barbara Sobczak

    Dr Barbara Sobczak got her medical title of Master of Science in Oral Implantology on Goethe Universitat in Frankfurt am ...
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    Barbara Sobczak ITI Fellow from Poland

    On November 13, 2017, ITI Basel announced the names of subsequent ITI Fellowship owners from Poland.   Among them, ...
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    ITI Symposium Warsaw

    More than 200 participants took part in this year's ITI Symposium! Among them Doctor Barbara Sobczak.   ITI ...
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    What do our patients say about us?

    Artykul foto
    Tomasz Wyszyński

    If you want to implant implants, this is the only place, an operation like a walk in the park, I already have new teeth, they are amazing, perfect, they are mine, a new quality of life!

    Artykul foto
    Hannu Ohvo


    Video opinia

    Artykul foto
    Ye Xiuce

    Excellent technique
    ​Outstanding service
    ​High standard of morality
    Global reputation

    Artykul foto
    Joanna Kmita

    Accuracy, professionalism and masterly hands of Dr. Mateusz Pabijanek made the rating the highest. I recommend

    Artykul foto
    Irena Lipiec

    Thank you very much for a new smile. I've had a difficult procedure, but everything worked out. Dr. Barbara Sobczak has conjured the best for me.

    Artykul foto
    Elisabeth Frost

    I can recommend her, and I meet people from all over, give them her card too, if asked. Full pot from me, she saved my teeth , and Helped me with implants too.

    Artykul foto
    Hania Woysław

    Professionalism at every step :). I am afraid of dentists, but here the fear disappears. Wonderful doctors, nice and willing to help reception, patience for panic attacks

    Artykul foto
    Sara Kamińska

    They helped me, even though they had finished their work (Saturday at 14.50) ... All very friendly and empathetic. I recommend it very much

    Artykul foto
    Marta Ciepłucha

    Two implants, orthodontics, prosthetics ... A long story with Happyend. Thanks :)

    Artykul foto
    Kasia Kozłowska

    Professionalism and endearing service of the Institute in every way. And the over-optimistic Mrs. Dr. Basia supervises everything, and suprises with her delicacy and precision

    Artykul foto
    Aneta Dziewulska

    Everything in order. Professional approach and attention to the patient. I recommend.

    Artykul foto
    Magda Miecznikowska

    Revelation, the best service in the world.

    Artykul foto
    Wioletta Piasecka

    Great place :), professional approach. Thank you

    Artykul foto
    Michał Szaniawski

    I have been a regular visitor for several years and I have to appreciate not only the fantastic quality of services, but also the fact that everything there: a pantomograph, an x-ray and a hygienist.

    Artykul foto
    Kamil Kasia Lega

    A tooth extraction at the institute is a pleasure

    Artykul foto
    Gosia Setrecka

    Everything at the highest level, 6+ :)

    Artykul foto
    Joanna Parasiewicz

    If the extraction of a cosmic difficult wisdome tooth can be a pleasure, it's just there. 
    And only in the hands of Dr. Barbara Sobczak. Professionalism in every inch.

    Artykul foto
    Luiza Karczewska

    If it can be wonderful and nice after removing a wisdome tooth it was even better ;-) I recommend a very nice friendly atmosphere ;-)

    Artykul foto
    Joanna Dzierżanowska

    I live in London and I come here on purpose because the service is great.

    Artykul foto
    Jacek Wysocki

    5 stars 
    They speak for themselves.

    Artykul foto
    Anna Szczepańska

    Very nice atmosphere, professional treatment and approach to the patient. I recommend to everyone !!!

    Artykul foto
    Agnieszka Machado

    Rewelacyjna obsługa, Piękna klinika, bardzo przyjazna I wykształcona kadra, szybki serwis obsługi pacjenta, wspaniałe wyniki. Serdecznie polecam wszystkim którzy mieszkają w Polsce jak również dla klientów międzynarodowych.

    Artykul foto
    Norbert Rutkowski

    Great place, they can cure of fear of the dentist. Comprehensively made services without any reservations. Efficient, very good and at reasonable prices. I recommend this place to everyone!

    Artykul foto
    Renata Szu

    Professional clinic, well-equipped. I am a dentist patient and I want to express my respect for the full professionalism and kind approach to the patient. I highly recommend Mrs B.Sobczak a great professional, kind, empathic person.

    Artykul foto
    Robert Krawczyk

    I've never been so taken care of. Justyna Mamaj restored my faith in dentistry. The ladies who assisted - the revelation; such a coordinated team should be envied by other institutions. Zero pain despite (crude). Clinic through GREAT "C".

    Artykul foto
    Iwona Kornacka

    The clinic at the highest level, every visit was professional, the staff was very involved. Doctor Mateusz Pabijanek is a wonderful specialist, he discusses everything thoroughly, supports every decision of treatment with knowledge that doctors with longer experience could envy.

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