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Real Arch Sobczak Concept®

A revolution in Full Arch Implant Treatment.

Teeth on implants in just a few hours in the Sobczak Concept® implant treatment protocol.

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Dr. sobczak
Dr Barbara Sobczak

We are behind your smile

Our mission is to care for your health and well-being through a comprehensive and individual approach. Everyone who visits our dental clinics receives care at the highest possible standard. We use the most advanced and modern technologies available on the market in Poland and abroad. Our specialists are constantly striving to improve their professional knowledge in order to ensure the best care and  comfort for all our patients. Together with you we will determine the best course of treatment in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In our clinics we offer a wide range of professional medical services, from various specialisations  including, dental help, aesthetic medicine treatments and much more. Thanks to our professional cooperation in various medical fields, we can provide comprehensive medical services to our patients.


Every day in our clinics we make the most secret dreams of our patients come true.

Modern equipment

  • Intraoral scanners
  • Our own prosthetic laboratory
  • 3D printers
  • Computer tomographs
  • Full HD milling machines
  • Microscopes
  • Laser
  • Dedicated and experienced Doctors

    At all our Dr Sobczek clinics we employ highly qualified specialists, with advanced professional qualifications. Our Doctors have credited themselves with scientific achievements. Thanks to the dedication, commitment and passion with which they have continually professionally developed themselves with the latest training. Our Doctors guarantee our patients the highest possible level of care.


    At our Dr Sobczak’s clinics we provide treatment by highly qualified Doctors with many available specialties. We offer our patients an efficient service with a wide range of diagnosis and treatment, by various specialists without the need for long waiting times.

    We deal with

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    The Sobczak Concept® is a revolution in implant treatment. A treatment protocol developed by Dr. Barbara Sobczak, which has been appreciated by patients and medical specialists from all around the world. It allows you to regain your smile without any artificiality. Your third set of teeth in just a few hours.
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    We do not cut any corners when treating our patients. We only use the best and cleanest implants with over 60 years of tradition. As a leader in implantological treatment in Poland, we guarantee the highest level of treatment.
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    Are you here for the first time? Like a home building project, the treatment plan comes first. See what a comprehensive oral health examination looks like.
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    Dental prophylaxis is a series of procedures aimed at preventing the development of diseases of the teeth and tissues that surround the teeth (periodontium). Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the prophylaxis and the prevention of the development of caries as well as the treatment and filling of cavities in a way focused on restoring their functional and aesthetic v
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    Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is the removal of caries bacteria from the tooth canal or canals. Thanks to this, we cut off their journey with blood throughout the body. Then, the empty spaces of the channels are filled with a special substance to strengthen them. After the end of the root canal treatment, the shape, function and color of the tooth enamel shoul
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    At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we offer modern and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults, including those preparing for a planned surgical or prosthetic procedure.    We offer you the most advanced and innovative Invisalign transparent overlay system. The aligners are made of SmartTrack material that provides a 75% improvement in the overall predictability of to
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    At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we offer a full range of dental surgery services. In this field, we perform, among others, extractions, i.e. tooth extraction and the so-called chiseling of wisdom teeth commonly known as "eights".   We support orthodontic treatment by cutting the frenulum, exposing impacted teeth or implanting orthodontic screws - additional implants for the durat
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    Prosthetic treatment focuses primarily on restoring anatomical occlusal conditions in the event of any missing teeth, as well as on maximally aesthetic restorations or changes in the smile. At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, prosthetic works are performed digitally. This means that instead of the classic impression with an impression material, we perform an intra-body scan. As a result, the patien
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    Hygienization performed by a certified hygienists is the basic procedure preceding the treatment of the oral cavity. During the procedure, we focus on several subsequent stages.   We start with the removal of tartar (scaling) using an ultrasonic scaler. Tartar is a bacterial plaque that sticks to your teeth and destroys tooth tissue. Removal of these bacteria is extremely importan
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    We take digital pantomographic pictures and a computed tomography, and additionally, for the convenience of the Patient in Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we have X-ray machines in every dentist's surgery. We offer 3D computed tomography, i.e. an ultra-precise examination that allows us to obtain the highest quality three-dimensional image of the patient's tissues. We have a camera with many

    Dr Sobczak Dental Clinic

    Dubai Mall, 2nd Floor, Dubai